About me


I’m Tadhg Coakley, I’m from Mallow, living in Cork. I’m a writer.

My novel in stories, The First Sunday in September, was shortlisted for the Mercier Press Fiction Prize, 2017 and will be published by Mercier Press in August 2018. It tells the story of a fictional All-Ireland Hurling Final Sunday, from the points of view of several recurring characters, exploring recurring themes.

I graduated with first-class honours from the M.A. in Creative Writing course in University College Cork in 2017, focusing mainly on short-form fiction. My stories have been published in The Honest UlstermanQuarryman and Silver Apples journals. My story Angels was short-listed for the From The Well Anthology, 2017 and appears in that anthology. A short film of mine was published in THE CINE FILES journal. Some articles  and reviews of mine have appeared in the Irish Examiner.

My story hows tommy boy was selected to be read at the 2016 West Cork Literary Festival. I have also read my work at The Killorglin Arts Festival (K-Fest) in 2016, at the Launch of Quarryman in U.C.C. in 2016, and at The Fiction at The Friary event in Cork City in 2016 and 2017.

I read my story Angels at the Cork International Short Story Festival in September, 2017, which was a great thrill. This was an event showcasing the Smoke in The Rain Anthology, the 2017 From the Well Short Story Competition, organised by Cork County Libraries and Arts Service.

I have also written a contemporary crime novel, set in Cork City. It’s the first of a series. The working title is: Whatever It Takes. I have begun the sequel. These feature a Detective, Tim Collins, who is at war with a crime gang and their unstable boss, Molloy. Collins faces crucial decisions inWhatever It Takes: just how far is he willing to go to protect his city and defeat Molloy, what exactly is he prepared to do?

I am also working on a literary novel at present, provisionally entitled: The Window. This is partly a coming-of-age novel set in an Irish University in the 1980s, and partly the story of a dying man coming to terms with facing his end, in a hospice in London, with the help of two young artists.

I’m also working on a series of essays or maybe a book on sport: what it means. In this exploration of one of the world’s main consumer products (sport), I ask and attempt to answer the question: What Sport Is. Chapters on: Sport is Emotion, Sport is Communion, Sport is Identity, Sport is Religion, Sport isn’t War, Sport is Memory, Sport is Identity, Sport is Art (Literature in particular), Sport is Everything, Sport is Nothing.

I also address the question why sport is so under represented in fiction in Ireland – of all countries, with our love of story and our obsession with sport.

Literary agents, take note…

Here are some of my short writings, in this blog.

You can reach me at tadhg.coakley@gmail.com most days.

Here’s me with three other writers after my reading at the Cork International Short Story Festival in September, 2017. From left: Mary Rose McCarthy, Anne O’Leary (winner of the competition), myself, and Billy O’Callaghan (judge and moderator of the reading).



Here’s a video of me reading my story Angels (Mary Rose and Anne reading too, introduced by the great Billy O’Callaghan) that day. I’m at 34 minutes.

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