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Tadhg Coakley

I’m from Mallow, living in Cork city.

I’m a writer

I am the author of three books, The First Sunday in September (Mercier Press, 2018); Whatever It Takes (Mercier Press, 2020), the 2020 Cork One City, One Book choice; and the autobiography of Denis Coughlan, called Everything (Hero Books, 2020) which I co-wrote.

My memoir/book of essays, A Place Beyond Words, will hopefully be published in 2021.

My short stories, articles, and essays have been published in The Stinging Fly, Irish Examiner, Irish Times,, The Holly Bough, The Honest Ulsterman, Quarryman, Silver Apples and elsewhere.

My Books

Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes, my second novel, is published by Mercier Press. It is the One City, One Book 2020 choice for Cork.

It tells the story of Detective Garda Collins, who is based in Cork city. Collins is at war with the leading local criminal, Dominic Molloy (‘The Dom’).

Whatever It Takes depicts a dark realism and shows the battles of will and intelligence that go on in the world of crime and policing.

The First Sunday in September

My novel in stories, The First Sunday in September, was published by Mercier Press in 2018.

The book tells the story of a fictional All-Ireland Hurling Final Sunday, from the points of view of several recurring characters, exploring recurring themes.

It was shortlisted for the Mercier Press Fiction Prize, 2017.

Other Publications

The Stinging Fly – ‘Five Moments in Sport’

I wrote an essay, ‘Five Moments in Sport‘, and the lovely people at The Stinging Fly published it in May 2019. In July 2019 they kindly put the essay online on their website and so you can read it on the Stinging Fly Website

The Irish Examiner – ‘Getting the right result from Covid dreaming’

A recent article for the Irish Examiner about how surreal sports has been during the Covid-19 pandemic and I right some old wrongs. Turns out it’s a nightmare and not a dream after all. You can read it here

The Irish Times – ‘A Reflection on Covid-19 and its Impact on my Second Book’

So You Wrote a Second Novel. The Irish Times kindly published a series of questions I asked about the delayed publication of my second book and cancellation of its launches. You can read it here


Everything selected as one of the sports books of the year 

Everything, the Autobiography of Denis Coughlan was chosen as one of the Irish sports books of the year in three newspapers.

The Irish Times: Malachy Clerkin said that the book was ‘gorgeous, lyrical and redolent of a different time in some places but also strident and insightful about modern GAA tensions in others’. Click on the link here

The Sunday Times said: ‘The equivalent of a fireside chat, warm and genial and full of Leeside lore.’ Click here to see the link.

The Irish Examiner picked it as one of the 10 sports books […]

My Blog

I’ve been keeping a blog for a number of years, recording my thoughts on a number of different subjects, including sport, travel and the natural world.

Being grateful for the robin

In the longest January that anyone can remember, at a time when horrific news assails us from all sides, I’ve taken to starting my day by reflecting on three things for which to be grateful. And this isn’t an exercise in ‘mustn’t grumble’ or ‘could be worse’ or pretending that everything is alright when it isn’t; more, it’s a reminder of the eternal truth that things change, seasons move on, oceans ebb and flow, the sun is now rising higher in the sky every day. Our fortunes ebb and flow, […]